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Affiliate Friendly Program

WebmasterProgram.com tries hard to be affiliate friendly. Toward this goal, we offer the following:

One Year Cookies - You make a commission for up to one full year after you send the visitor.

Overwritable Cookies - You make the sale, and you get the commission. In the event where two affiliates send the same visitor, the affiliate closest to their purchase is credited.

Convenient Payment Options - We pay affiliates by Paypal on the 15th of the following month. Don't like Paypal? We'll be happy to send you checks.

Easy Terms - You can use our creatives or make your own. As long as you aren't misleading anyone, go for it. Our best affiliates create their own graphics and text links. To protect our affiliates, we do not pay commissions to affiliates who use spyware, email spam, or other deceptive tactics.

Sale Notification - We let you know when you make sales so you can monitor your marketing efforts.

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